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Patient Focused Care

Central to the philosophy of this clinic is the goal of optimizing patients’ quality of life with improved activity tolerance and reduced overreliance on high-risk opioid and anti-inflammatory (NSAID) Medications.

At Non-Surgical Pain Specialists (NSPS), we believe the doctor-patient relationship thrives on mutual agreement and shared understanding of expectations. It is only when both parties work as a team that we can effectively improve the patient’s pain, function, and quality of life.

Dr. Haber’s approach is to treat patients the way he would want his family members to be treated.

The clinical management of chronic pain is particularly challenging because patients suffer from recurrent pain exacerbations contributing to a cascading cycle of physical deconditioning, social isolation, long-term emotional difficulties and an over-reliance on high-risk opioid and NSAID medications.

Dr. Haber specializes in innovative pain management based on his extensive experience and broad clinical training. They enable him to deploy in interdisciplinary clinical team approach to overcome rehabilitation roadblocks in recalcitrant chronic pain conditions. His teamwork approach combines varied doctors, specialists, and therapists within the community working together with the patient. He enjoys coordinating the timing needed with this interdisciplinary clinical team approach.

A Comprehensive Approach to Relieving Physical Pain

We help our patients feel better and heal naturally by using non-surgical treatment options.

In an age of medicine where technology helps us feel better more quickly, we many times forget that our bodies have natural healing abilities that need only encouragement.

We combine non-surgical treatments with modern medicine to provide options for our patients.

Non-Surgical Pain Specialists Practice Philosophy

Joshua Haber, MD, recently returned to Eugene after providing clinical care at the Pain Management Clinic for Indian Health Services (IHS) in Northern California. Prior to IHS, Dr. Haber spent 12 years practicing in Eugene providing specialty care in Interventional Pain Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Non-Surgical Orthopedics. Dr. Haber is excited to announce the opening of his new innovative clinic, Non-Surgical Pain Specialists (NSPS), an initiative rooted in his 20 years of clinical experience treating patients suffering from activity-limiting chronic pain.

Dr. Haber received his Medical Degree from Case Western Reserve University, and residency training in Family Medicine through OHSU. He completed fellowship training programs in Primary Care Sports Medicine as well as in Interventional Pain Medicine. Dr. Haber is a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine.

M. Joshua Haber, MD